Roadshow Marketing: A significant strategy even in the digital world

Roadshow Marketing: A significant strategy even in the digital world

Roadshow Marketing: A significant strategy even in the digital world

It’s very obvious that Digital Marketing and Social Media are like the supporting twin pillars in creating remarkable brand awareness in order to engage and communicate with customers. When this is the case in the current scenario, 2014 poll report states that , only 18 % of Indian population have the privilege of getting access to internet and it is startling that there are only 15 internet users per 100 people in India. While countries like UK and USA has 91.6 % and 87.4 % of people using Internet everyday !.

As India is predominantly a diverse country based on geographical and cultural uniqueness, Offline marketing should not be ignored at any cost. If you think that Roadshow and OOH are not for your brand then you are surely missing out a huge part of the customer market , who are not basically a tech and internet savvy. So practically speaking, if you wish to see your brad destined towards every nook and corner of the market , you need to definitely engage your customers with inventive on-ground campaigns like Roadshows , live events which might provide an ideal platform to your brand and products by providing maximum visibility to the brand.

Roadshows Builds Relationships:

Roadshows brings the brand closer to the customers by facilitating face-to-face communication by giving you a perfect platform to showcase the products and brand ideas by almost confirming their impressions on you. Various successful business people says that Roadshows can cover nation wide distance by possibly connecting with the customers personally right at their door step. By standing right next to their comfortable spot, we are developing a trustworthy relationship by letting them know and get a better look at the brand and your subsequent products. This might help you develop a deeper connection with the customers.

We can never be sure whether our ad reaches them unless and until you see your customer’s reaction to your promotion and marketing. Roadshows and organizing live events can make you feel sure about leaving an impression which would possibly make the customers come back to you , especially for the way you presented and displayed a magnanimous Roadshow. Rural areas is always a best target for successful promotion and marketing moves, as they are almost situated away from the urban life that is full of technological and internet exposures. As the rural cities are out of focus all the time, which actually covers the 70 % of India’s population, you can make your brand reach the rural crowd with a perfect roadshow.

Roadshows is the best way to drive the off-line crowd to the on-line page of digital marketing, who might find you more interesting and appealing online. This can make them share information on you to their kith and kin , to make their close circle enjoy the same as them . The online leads can also get attracted by the offline Roadshows which would give them a real-life experience of your brand.In both ways the online crowd and the offline crowd can be attracted by Roadshows.

In marketing and advertising it is not good take up one direction all the time, instead there has to be a mix of strategies implemented to attract the people from all walks of life.

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